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1 DOW 17,730.11
-27.80 (-0.16%)
2 S&P 2,076.78
-0.64 (-0.03%)
3 NASDAQ 5,009.21
0.00 (0.00%)

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Quote-Stocks.com stock reporting widget will deliver financial information right to your website free of charge with no branding and third party logos. Our widget is coded in pure JavaScript using public free feeds available from Google Finance. Since it is developed in JS and has been finely tuned to work on all devices such as mobile and tablets.

RealTime Stock & Index Feeds

Fine tune your financial website, app or newsletter with our preconfigured stock widget. Now featuring multiple stock and options all in once place.

Multiple JS/Ajax Display Options:

Showcase the data, either in graphical chart format, and/or with basic price information. Your website users can easily add, remove, and reorder the stock symbols in their portfolio; this is stored locally for them in a cookie. The JS code works seamlessly on all mobile and tablet devices.